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Tenga Hard Boiled Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator Set | Disposable Stroker Sleeves

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  • The newest 6 pack of egg masturbators by Tenga
  • Enjoy 6 brand new and even more aggressive textures
  • The thickest and most durable set of Tenga Eggs available
  • Similar to the Original Tenga Easy Beat Eggs but 30% thicker
  • From mild to wild, each sleeve will give you a different experience of sexual bliss
  • Strengthen your sexual stamina with each stroke of these egg shaped sex toys
  • The soft sleeve allows you to control your grip for as tight or lose of a stroke as you want
  • Extremely discreet masturbator for the cautious buyer
  • Designed to give you maximum pleasure and quick orgasms
  • Includes a water-based lube packet with each egg
  • Designed to stretch and fit most size men
  • Made by the world-famous Tenga brand
  • Designed to be disposible but can be reused if cleaned and maintained properly
  • Masturbation with a purpose helps with sexual stamina and health
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Product Description

Tenga Hard Boiled Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator


When you are the best there is only one way to go, right?  Well, maybe typically but that is not the case with one of the best-designed masturbators ever made. The Tenga Easy Beat Eggs are some of the best ever so you would think that improving them might not happen. Tenga took that as a challenge and came up with the Tenga Hard Boiled Easy Beat Eggs which are arguably better.  That really is technically up to the user to determine but from a quality standpoint, these eggs stand up to the challenge.

What is the difference you might ask between these Tenga Hard Boiled Eggs and the others?  Well to start, Tenga increased the thickness of the soft TPE which not only makes these much more durable but also adds to the realism during use.  On top of the thicker sleeve material, the inner texture is much more aggressive and feels downright incredible.


Included Egg Styles

  • Thunder Egg - The Thunder Egg is on the more mild side when it comes to actual texture.  Inside the egg, you will find 2 chambers with soft would edges that are designed to give you constant and enjoyable pressure where it counts the most. This is a very tight sleeve since it's so thick. If you want a virgin, go here first!
  • Crater Egg - Just like the name suggests, the Crater Egg is comprised of dozens of different size crater shapes. These craters make the sleeve nice and snug which adds to the already impressive stimulation. With so many touchpoints to your penis, this egg is sure to be a fan fav.
  • Misty Egg -  Into the morning mist. The Misty Egg will be the perfect morning jerk-off toy.  Lines with hundreds of small pyramid-shaped points, this sleeve is highly stimulating and quite enjoyable.  As with the others, this egg is nice and tight which will increase the pleasure from all of the points.
  • Cloudy Egg - Don't let these clouds get you down.  The Cloudy Egg will brighten your day thanks to the soft and supple texture.  We believe the Cloudy Egg to be Tenga's tightest so enjoy the ride, it's going to be fun. If you squeeze this one hard, you might not tell the difference between this or a real human.  Lining the inner shell of the egg is tiny swirls that rub softly against your shaft all the way until you cum.
  • Shiny Egg - When you look through the hole of the Shiny Egg you might see what appears to be a Sun with rays coming from it. This Egg was designed by Tenga to have a center pressure point with dozens of stimulating "rays" or ribs that glide effortlessly over your penis. This egg is not quite as tight as the others but provides just as much enjoyment, trust us.
  • Surfer Egg - Hang ten on the Tenga Surfer Egg with the wave-shaped texture that happens to be quite aggressive. Lining the inner shell of the Surfer Egg you will find a few raised wave designs with dozens of soft round balls that give you an uneven stimulation. This gives random pressure points which we found to be very fun to use.  


Tenga Hard Boiled Egg Set Features


  • The thickest  set of Tenga Eggs for beginners and experts alike
  • The Hard Boiled Eggs are over 30% thicker than the rest of the Tenga Egg collections
  • Includes 6 new styles of eggs that each provides unique sensations
  • All the same great features as the original eggs but now with 6 new and improved textures
  • Even more aggressive and pleasureful than the other sets
  • The most discreet style masturbator available (can hide in plain sight!)
  • Designed to be disposable but you can clean them to reuse as much as you would like
  • Made from hypo-allergenic TPE which is very soft, stretchy, and feels like real sex
  • Experience quick climax thanks to the geometric design that stimulates your penis like nothing you have felt before
  • Completely 100% waterproof 
  • Extremely stretchy so it fits pretty much all size penises
  • Includes a sample of Tenga Water-Based Lube
  • ONLY use water-based lube with these eggs



The great thing about the Tenga Egg Hard Boiled set is that it gives you options and a variety.  Each time you go to jerk off, you get to experience something different and equally fun.  Each egg is individually wrapped so you don't have to worry about much of anything other than opening one when you are ready.

Tenga was smart enough to include a small sample size pouch of their water-based lubricant in each egg. It's just the perfect amount of lube to get you off.  Now we have to say this, Tenga Eggs are designed to be single-use, disposable masturbators.  Tenga does not recommend you use them more than once.  With that being said, people around the web constantly talk about how they use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and hot water on their eggs and they reuse them dozens of times.  If you choose to wash and re-use, do it at your own risk (not that there really is any risk)


If you are looking for other Tenga Egg options, check out their other packs



How To Use The Tenga Egg


Unwrap the hard shell egg wrapper and remove the sample of Tenga water-based lubricant.  Tear open the lubricant and squeeze the entire amount into the opening of the egg.  Place the egg over your penis and stroke in any way you desire.  The egg is stretchy enough to fit over any size penis.


Tenga Egg Size


  • Length - 2.08" (5.28 cm)
  • Width - 1.61" (4.1 cm)
  • Case Size - 4.92" x 6.89" x 2.95

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