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Listen to an audio summary

If you have one, then you already know that Fleshlights are amazing. They are easy to use, feel extremely lifelike, and they are designed for the sole purpose of helping you to have a whole lot of orgasms!

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Tricks for Using and Cleaning your Fleshlight

While how to use them is very straightforward, there are some tips that will make your experience even better and help you prolong the life of the toy too. Let’s get into it!  If you want to learn more about lubricant for your favorite Fleshlights then check out the top list of best lube for Fleshlight

1. Warm Up Your Fleshlight

The point of a Fleshlight is to feel as close to real human flesh as possible, but what they lack in the realism department is warmth. However, the material will actually take on heat so you can warm it up before you play and get the best possible experience.

The material will actually take on heat so you can warm it up before you play and get the best possible experience.

There are a few different ways you can do this. The easiest option is to use the Fleshlight Sleeve Warming Rod. Simply slide the sleeve down onto the rod and leave it there for 10 minutes. It’s that easy. And once it’s ready, it will feel nice and warm just like a real vagina, anus or mouth would.

But, if you don’t want to spend the extra cash on the warmer, there are a few DIY options that will work (almost) just as well. You can remove the sleeve from the plastic case and soak it in a bowl of warm water and it will take on the heat from the water. You may need to weigh the sleeve down a bit with something heavy to get an even distribution of heat as it will try to float. Make sure the water is warm to hot, but not boiling. Boiling water will destroy the toy!

If you want to get really creative you can wrap it in an electric blanket and let it warm up that way.

If you want to get really creative you can wrap it in an electric blanket and let it warm up that way. But do keep an eye on it while you do this to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. And always test the inside of the sleeve with your fingers first following heating. We don’t want you to burn yourself!

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer
Fleshlight Sleeve  Warmer

  • Simply plug in the rod warmer into any USB port, slide your favorite sleeve on and let it work its magic. Stop soaking your sleeve in warm water to "attempt" to get it feeling more realistic, that's old school and quite frankly, does not work.
  • In roughly 10 minutes you can get the rod to a whopping 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees celsius) Don't worry about overheating, Fleshlight was smart enough to put in a safety stop so that it does not get too warm. To clean up, simply wipe down with a damp rag, don't soak the rod, it's not waterproof!

    2. Lube It Up

    Lubricant is essential for any Fleshlight play. Not only does it make it feel way better, but it also stops the sleeve from tearing while you use it. Superskin is a very delicate material and if it tears, it becomes more susceptible to the build-up of bacteria.

    Fleshlights are designed to be tight-fitting and a lot of them are highly textured too. Without lubricant, you might find that there is too much friction and it might be more irritating or painful than pleasurable. Using some lubricant will loosen the sleeve and soften up those highly textured areas so that you still feel all the sensation, just none of the friction.

    Using some lubricant will loosen the sleeve and soften up those highly textured areas so that you still feel all the sensation, just none of the friction.

    Make sure you stick to water-based lubricants only as anything else may damage the Fleshlight. You can try out different types to find the right viscosity and amount of glide for you.

    Lynk Pleasure Water Based Lubricant
    Lynk Pleasure Water Based Lubricant

    • Lynk Pleasure water-based lubricant is proudly made in an FDA laboratory in the USA, under the strictest regulations.
    • This sex lube is extremely long lasting, in fact so long, that some people think it's silicone. Trust us though, it is not.
    • You can expect the slickness to stay slick and never get sticky or tacky like so many other less quality lubricant on the market.

    3. Use Your Hands in Different Positions

    What is great about Fleshlights is that they are so easy to use. Once it’s lubed up all you need to do is slide your penis into the hole and move the Fleshlight up and down using your hands.

    If your hands are on the smaller side, you might find that it does get a bit uncomfortable as the plastic outer is actually pretty big. If so, use two hands so you can exactly the right tempo of up and down movements without getting uncomfortable.

    4. Go Hands-free

    If you want the ultimate Fleshlight experience, then I suggest finding a way to use the toy hands-free. This will greatly add to the feel of realism. Have a look around your house and get creative with your very own Fleshlight mounts. It can get pretty fiddly (and maybe a little frustrating) at first, but if you nail it, a world of hands-free Fleshlight fun awaits you.

    Try it out between some pillows, wrapped in the middle of a sleeping bag, between your bed base and mattress, or even out the top of a shoe. Anything that will keep the toy in place and be soft enough for you to thrust against will work.

    5. Mount Your Fleshlight

    Or, you can make it easy on yourself and grab one of the official Fleshlight mounts. There are a few different styles to choose from now and each offers a vastly different experience.

    The Shower Mount is a super easy to use mount that attaches to the wall of your shower so you can use it while you wash your body

    The Shower Mount is a super easy to use mount that attaches to the wall of your shower so you can use it while you wash your body. You will find that water-based lubricant will wash away quickly in the shower, so it’s best to face the mount out of the direct flow of water.

    The Liberator Mount is another option if you prefer to use your Fleshlight somewhere dry. This is a firm cushion with a hole that you insert the Fleshlight into and go for gold! If you really want all the work to be done for you, then there is the Fleshlight Launch. You just insert your Fleshlight into it and it will literally stroke you up and down. And it is powerful. It goes up to 180 strokes a minute! It can also attach with your VR headset to make for a completely interactive experience. Pretty awesome huh?!

    Fleshlight Shower Mount
    Fleshlight Shower Mount

    • The Fleshlight Shower mount attaches easily to any standard Fleshlight, adding some extra steam to your next shower.
    • It holds toys perfectly in place without slipping, and the high-quality suction cup firmly adheres to most smooth surfaces while still allowing for easy removal when you're finished.
    • Simply screw the mount into the bottom of your Fleshlight case, apply the suction cup to your shower wall, and attach the mount to the suction cup. An "ON/OFF" switch ensures a secure attachment every time, and you can change the angle of the mount to get the perfect experience.

      6. Partner Play

      Of course, there is always the option to let someone else do the work for you too. There is no reason that a Fleshlight can’t be a partnered toy after all! Just lube yourself up and hand it over to someone else to work it up and down on your cock for you. You can just lay back and enjoy the ride. It’s a great addition to foreplay.

      7. Play with the Suction Settings

      You will notice that there are two caps on the toy. One at the front and one at the back. The front one is pretty obvious as to its reason for being there. You need to take it off to use the Fleshlight, then you pop it back on to keep it protected while it's not in use.

      The back one, however, actually has its own function. This cap can be loosened or tightened to control the pressure and suction of the toy. So, if the toy is feeling a bit too tight or overwhelming, you can loosen the cap or even completely remove it. Or, on the other hand, if you feel it is too loose, you can tighten it back up again.

      8. Keep it Clean & Keep it Forever

      These caps also make cleaning up a lot easier too. And you need to keep this toy properly cleaned following each use if you want it to last. Do not just finish and throw it in into your drawer!

      Make sure you rinse the plastic case and remove the inner sleeve to thoroughly clean it. Use warm water and sex toy cleaner to make sure you get it cleaned properly. You can even flip it inside out if you want to. This will make getting into the nooks of the more textured sleeves a lot easier. If you don’t do this, bacteria can gather inside the toy making it unsafe for contact with your precious genitals.

      Make sure you rinse the plastic case and remove the inner sleeve to thoroughly clean it.

      You also need to ensure that the sleeve is completely dry inside and out before you put it back in the tube. If you don’t, it will stay moist inside the tube and that is going to create a bacteria breeding ground! And, no one wants that…

      How To Clean A Fleshlight

      1. When you are finished using the Fleshlight and ready to clean, first remove the sleeve from the hard case
      2. Disinfect and scrub the hard shell, inside and out. Use hot water and soap. This is the only time you will use soap. Pay extra attention to the suction lid on the bottom, it is prone to getting extremely dirty.
      3. Rinse the sleeve inside and out with warm water (do not use hot or boiling water, it can damage the sleeve). Run water through it for 15-30 seconds.
      4. Stretch the sleeve opening to get everything out of the canal. Run your finger through the hole while running water through it. This will help remove all the cum and other bodily fluids.
      5. Spray the inside and outside of the sleeve with Fleshwash or a different anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.
      6. Thoroughly dry the hard shell case with a towel. Wipe the inside and outside
      7. Pat dry the sleeve with a microfiber towel so it does not leave any fuzzy stuff behind.
      8. To dry the inside of the sleeve, you can hang dry it for 24 hours or place it on a slight heater to speed it up.
      9. Sprinkle renewing powder to the outside and inside of the sleeve to keep it like new.
      10. Only after the inside and outside of the sleeve are 100% dry should you reassemble the entire unit and store it somewhere cool and dry. (If you assemble while still wet, you run the risk of mold and bacteria build up)

        9. Renewing Powder is Your Friend

        Using some renewing powder once the toy has completely dried will keep the toy soft like skin too. If you don’t use this, after a few uses the toy will become tacky following cleaning it with water. By tacky, I mean a bit sticky to touch on the surface. This is nothing to worry about and is completely normal, but honestly, it just doesn’t feel as good. A renewing powder absorbs this extra moisture and makes it as smooth and soft as it was when you first got it.

        All you need to do is allow the toy to dry, then sprinkle some powder over the outside of the toy and a little inside too. Then just shake off any excess and you are done! A sneaky tip for you is that corn-starch will do the trick too.

        Renewing Powder & Cleaner
        Renewing Powder and Cleaner

        • Keep hyper-realistic materials feeling tight, slick, and smooth with Fleshlight's Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner and Renewing Powder set. It contains Fleshwash, an anti-bacterial toy cleaner that doesn't contain any alcohol or other harmful additives.

        • The active ingredient triclosan eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms in a matter of minutes; simply spray it on and let it air dry before storing your toys. It's never been easier to stay clean. After drying your toy thoroughly, apply the Renewing Powder.

        • Created with high-grade cornstarch, it prevents realistic materials from drying out, substantially extending the functional life of your favorite sleeve.

        10. Mix It Up!

        If you want to mix things up and get a whole new sensation from your Fleshlight, you can also remove the hard outer and use the sleeve without it. This will require a bit more lube than usual but the sensation will be entirely different, especially as you will be able to feel some of the pressure from your hand holding the toy too.

        You can also try to insert your cock into the far end of the sleeve. This end has a much tighter hole so you can play with some extra tight pressure. I hear that sliding your balls into the sleeve along with your penis can feel pretty sweet too.

        11. Check Out The Fleshlight Quickshot

        The Quickshot is an open-ended Fleshlight that is smaller, but a whole lot easier to clean as you shoot your load right through it! This smaller version also makes an ideal addition to oral sex as you can use this on the lower part of the penis shaft and have your partner use their mouth on the top part. Bliss!

        Whatever you do, have fun with it, and make sure you take the time to clean and care for your toy to ensure you have a long and fulfilling life together!

        Fleshlight Quick Shot
        Fleshlight Quick Shot

        • The Quickshot series is a solid masturbation and stamina training device that was designed to be small in stature but huge in feeling and results.
        • Small enough to fit on your person, you can carry the masturbator on the road for those times when you just need a release but are not home.
        • The feeling is so real that you will often find yourself wondering how it is even possible to make it any better. Performance training needs to happen daily to maximize your results which are why the Quickshot series is so perfect.

          12. Add Your Favorite Girl

          Just as a fun extra you can do have fantasy play where you give every inch you have to your favorite porn star. With the line of Fleshlight Girls, you can choose your favorite porn star and pick an exact replica of their ass, mouth or pussy. This is the ultimate masturbator that takes you to the next level of realism in you masturbation private sex life.

          Just as a fun extra you can do have fantasy play where you give every inch you have to your favorite porn star

          A Porn Star pocket pussy is the ultimate male masturbator designed to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Each stroker sleeve is molded directly from the girl herself so you know you are getting as close to the real thing as possible. A cast is made of her vagina, mouth, or butt and that is used to mold out of Cyberskin or other realistic materials.

          Dillion Harper Fleshlight
          Dillion Harper Fleshlight

          • Multiple award winner for best pussy in porn by Porn Hub
          • Exact mold of her virgin like vagina
          • Ultra aggressive Crush texture is designed to tug and stroke your dick
          • Play with the suction lid to create stronger suction on the tip of your dick

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