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TitanMen Master Tool No. 4 Triple Bump Butt Plug for Men Black

  • Uniquely shaped triple-bubble butt plug for men
  • Enjoy intense pleasure from overcoming each large bubble
  • Long graduating body size is designed to stretch your ass to it's limits
  • Enjoy it either sitting on it or have a partner penetrat you the plug
  • Increase your body's ability to accept larger toys while enjoying intense stimulation
  • Large bulb tip makes penetration a challenge
  • The unique design maximizes pleasure while keeping your body guessing whats next
  • Enjoy a full and stretched out feeling
  • Improves your orgasm strength
  • 100% body safe & waterproof
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Product Description

TitanMen Master Tool No. 4 Triple Bump Butt Plug for Men


So you've mastered all of the regular-sized butt plugs and you are still not satisfied. I'm not surprised, once you realize how great it feels, anal becomes a sweet addiction!  When you are ready to take your anal play up a notch, look no further than the TitanMen Master Tool No. 4.  This is a beautifully sculpted butt plug that we like to call the triple ripple.  Obviously the name is after the main 3 graduating bubbles that make up the body of this anal toy.  This unique shaped anal plug is meant for the more advanced users.  Don't let the soft features fool you, this is a large butt plug that presents even experts, quite the challenge.


Master Tool No. 4 Features


  • Uniquely shaped triple bubble butt plug with a flared base
  • 3 graduating bubble sizes present a new challenge to your body the further you get
  • Designed to stimulate your rectal area through pressure and weight
  • Large round tip makes penetration more intense and challenging
  • Made from body-safe PVC with a sleek black finish
  • Extremely comfortable for extended wear thanks to the firm exterior and softcore
  • Perfect for use alone or as a couple
  • The flared base prevents the plug from going too far inside of your body
  • 100% waterproof plug can be used anywhere
  • phthalate-free | Non-Toxic | Body-Safe
  • Proudly made in the USA




When they were creating the mold for the TitanMen Master Tool No. 4 butt plug, they were really using their brains.  The design, while extremely elegant yet simple looking presents quite a challenge to even the most experienced men who've used it.  It has a long black body with smooth bubbles that gradually get larger in size as you go further down. This might appear innocent but don't underestimate what it's going to take to get this inside of you.  

As you attempt the first bump you will come to your first challenge as this is not a small bubble what so ever.  Coming in at 6 inches in circumference, its quite the start.  Once you conquer the first bubble, you will make your way down to the medium-sized one which comes in at an impressive 6.75'' in circumference.  Overcoming this bump will help warm you up for the big boy coming up.  As you are about to master this butt plug, you are going to have to get passed the big boy.  To get passed it, you are going to have to get 8.25'' worth of butt plug into your body.  Impossible? No!  Just difficult.  You will find the flat base easy to handle and quite comfortable as well.  Overall the plug is brilliantly designed for anybody seeking an anal challenge.

Because this is anal, it is very important to clean and sanitize often.  Before and after each use, clean with hot water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner.  Don't forget tons of water-based anal lube while using the TitanMen Master Tool No. 4.  You are going to need it!


 Triple Bump Butt Plug for Men Sizing

  • Overall length - 7'' (17.78 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 6'' (15.24 cm)
  • Base Width - 2.5'' (6.35 cm)
  • Small Bump Circumference - 6'' (15.24 cm)
  • Medium Bump Circumference - 6.75'' (17.14 cm)
  • Large Bump Circumference - 8.25'' (20.95 cm)
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