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Colt Anal Douche Bulb Kit for Men 200 ml (6.7 fl oz)

  • Easy to use handheld personal cleaning device for men
  • Designed to flush out your rectum, anus, and lower intestines
  • Removes all unwanted bacteria and bodily fluids that will ruin anal play
  • Helps keep anal sex safe, clean, and hygienic
  • Includes dual tips for unique and pleasureful experiences
  • EZ Squeeze bulb makes flushing your body out simple and painfree
  • Never suffer from an embarassing anal experience that might contain fecal matter
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Product Description

Colt Anal Douche Bulb Kit for Men


So you are moving into the glorious world of anal pleasure.  Good for you!  While still taboo, those not willing to try anal are truly missing some of life's greatest pleasure.  No matter if you are looking to try a huge butt plug, prostate massager, or simply looking to have anal sex with your partner, the most important aspect besides safety is cleanliness.  The last thing you want to do is start exploring the backdoor and have an explosion of dirty and smelly bodily fluids.  That's not good for you, your toys, or your partner.


Colt Anal Douche Features


  • Easy to use cleaning system with dual attachments
  • Includes a thin tip for tight entries or anal beginners
  • Includes a thick textured tip for advanced users and more pleasure
  • Large oversized rubber bulb can hold up to 6.7 fl oz of liquid
  • Made from body-safe rubber and ABS plastic
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for a sanitary cleanup
  • Adjustable tip to control the release of water
  • Designed to help clean out men for anal sex play
  • Will fit all body types
  • The worlds best selling gay anal douche for men
  • Can be used with any enema liquid such as coffee, lemon, or apple cider


Well, the good news is that you dont have to worry about that.  Never before has it been so easy to prepare for anal and be completely safe and hygienic.  Thanks to the famous movie studio Colt for introducing their multi-purpose anal cleaning kit called the Colt Anal Douche Bulb Kit.  Using only the highest quality and body-safe materials, the Colt Anal Douche Kit is designed to easily clean out your anus and lower intestines while leaving you feeling light and healthy.

The Colt Anal Douche Kit includes a soft rubber bulb that can hold upwards of 6.7 fl oz of your favorite enema fluids.  If you go off the metric system, that is a large 200 ml!  Attached to the black rubber squeeze bulb you will find a nice and thin ABS plastic slim tip in the class Colt red.  This slim tip is the perfect starter tip for anybody who has yet to really try an anal douche or enema.

If you are ready for more excitement then you can easily slide on the second included enema tip.  This red enema tip is designed for more advanced users thanks to its thicker nozzle with multiple ripped bumps.  The purpose of this smooth textured tip is to stimulate your anus with every inch you insert into your butt.  Its basically a sex toy built into an enema.  Dual purpose, pleasure, and hygiene! 

So now that you can keep your body clean and in shape for anal, its time to take care of your new enema equipment.  Be sure to always sanitize your anal douche before and after each use.  The unit is very easy to disassemble for deep cleaning.  We always recommend using a good water-based lube with your Colt douche.  It does not matter if you are gay, straight, or whatever your preference is, keeping clean for anal sex is a must for all people!


Colt Anal Douche Size


  • Small Tip Length - 3'' (8 cm)
  • Small Tip Width - .50'' (1 cm)
  • Large Tip Length - 4'' (10 cm)
  • Large Tip Width - .75'' (2 cm)
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