Why Penis Pump Sleeves are so important and how to choose the best one for you

November 26, 2018

Why Penis Pump Sleeves are so important and how to choose the best one for you

Why Penis Pump Sleeves are so important and how to choose the best one for you

Over the past few decades, penis pumps have seen a spike in popularity and they have become a fairly common device amongst males. As penis pumps have increased in popularity amongst men, they have also become more functional and more comfortable for men to use. Penis pump sleeves are a welcome addition to pumps that have benefits for the quality of your pumping session and how comfortable you are while you pump. 

While they can be used to increase penis size, there are also many other uses for these devices and they can be used for sexual, medical, or aesthetic purposes. A penis pump is a vacuum device that draws blood into the penile shaft to create an erection. The pressure from the vacuum elongates and enlarges the penis temporarily. When used along with a penis ring, the erection can be maintained for intercourse. The compression of the ring slows down the blood exiting the penis making the erection last and can be a great help for people with erectile difficulties.

What are Penis Pumps Sleeves?

Let’s start off by talking about what penis pump sleeves actually are. When it comes to sleeves in the world of male enhancement there are actually a few different options and a penis pump sleeve is different to a standard penis sleeve. A penis pump sleeve is a thin, flexible sleeve that secures around the outside of the opening to the pump and goes some way inside as well. Penis pump sleeves are made from stretchy yet durable materials like TPE, latex or silicone. When you insert your penis into the pump, the sleeve makes it a lot more comfortable as you feel the sleeve against your skin rather than the pump cylinder.

While most penis pump sleeves have a fairly inconspicuous opening, you can also find styles that include a lifelike body part at the opening. This turns the opening of your pump into a mini version of a male masturbator and you will get some stimulation as your pump from it. You can get a vagina sleeve, a mouth sleeve or a butt sleeve to make things a bit more interesting.

Why are Penis Pump Sleeves Essential?

There are a few reasons why penis pumps sleeves are so important. The more obvious one is that using a penis pump sleeve inside the pump is going to make your experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. These sleeves add some much-needed padding between the pump cylinder and your body so as you pump and a seal is created, it does not cause any discomfort against your genital area. The old “no pain, no gain” no longer need to apply to penis pumping.

It’s not just comfort though, penis pump sleeves are actually an essential addition to penis pumping as they help to create an airtight seal between the pump cylinder and the body. For a penis pump to work properly, the chamber needs to remain pressurized and airtight and this requires a strong seal which is exactly what the penis pump sleeve can help with. The stronger the seal, the better the pump will work and the better your results will be from the session. Using some lubricant around the base of the sleeve and a bit inside the entrance too will also help to create a tight seal and make it even more comfortable for you during use.

Another thing that penis pump sleeves also help with, is stopping the testicles from being sucked into the cylinder as you pump. This is quite a common issue for pump users, especially those who require a cylinder with a wider girth. As a penis pump sleeve adds some padding to the entrance of the pump and creates a tighter seal, it can also help to prevent this from occurring 

How to pick a penis pump sleeve?

There are lots of different penis pump sleeves on the market, and while they likely all look fairly similar to you at first glance, there are some important differences that will determine which one is best for you. Here are a few things to consider before you buy one of these sleeves.

#1. Size

Penis pump sleeves are available in different sizes to suit the size of your pump. Each sleeve will have it measurements listed on the website, so get one that will fit snugly over your cylinder without any gaps or being too overstretched. If it is too lose you won’t get the right suction and it will slide around. If you go too tight it is likely to tear fairly quickly. There are also universal pump sleeves available that are designed to fit most pumps. That way you can use the same sleeve across different pumps if you have more than one. The measurements will still be listed on this style so do check them out even if it states that it is universal sizing, especially if you have a particularly small or large cylinder.

#2. Material

When it comes to the material of your penis pump sleeve, there are a few options to choose from. These sleeves can be made from latex, TPE or silicone. All of these materials are stretchy and durable and which one you go for really comes down to personal preference. Silicone will be the softest option of the three, it is also non-porous and body-safe but will be slightly more expensive than the others.

#3. Padding

Along with the type of material you choose, you also want to consider the thickness of the sleeve. Some are more padded around the base than others making them more comfortable to wear. Anything padded will also be thicker than other sleeves too so you will need to consider how much space will still be available when your penis is inserted. And don’t forget to take into account the increased girth that you will achieve from pumping!

#4. Be aware before you buy a pump

While it is less common, some penis pumps will come with a sleeve that is permanently attached to it. This can be problematic as if they tear, which they likely will at some point, you are in a bit of trouble. Due to the nature of the material, a penis pump itself will last much longer than a sleeve so it pays to look for a pump that has a removable sleeve. That way you can change it out as you need to or update it with a different material or padding for some extra comfort.

If you are going to pump, then you will want to use a penis pump sleeve for comfort and also to ensure that you have the best seal possible between your skin and the pump's cylinder. The most important thing is to ensure you have the right size sleeve for your specific cylinder and to use some lubricant along with the sleeve to get an even stronger seal.