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List of Best Penis Toys You Can Try

Nearly every man under the sun wants the same things: a good job, a good family, and a good climax — emphasis on the climax. And if you’re one of those billions of men, it’s likely that you’ve wondered how you can make that climax just as good when you’re doing it by yourself. Doing it alone can be boring, only the best penis toys will bring to that level of satisfaction.  Penis toys are sex toys designed specifically to simulate your dick (shaft, tip or both!)

Maybe you’ve tried changing your diet. Maybe you’ve abstained from jerking off for a couple of weeks. Maybe you’ve even tried using your non-dominant hand for some variety. Often called the stranger, this can be fun but nowhere near as fun as using a penis toy to really stimulate yourself.

Not all sex toys are made the same but there are a handful of penis toys that are designed to really improve the feeling of getting off. From realistic toys such as masturbators and cock rings to a massager equipped with a penis attachment. While they are all different toys for men, they all share the same great qualities that make up our list of top 10 best penis toys.

It’s time to get a firsthand look at ten of the most wildly satisfying sex toys for men on the market. From suckers to vibrators, there is only one way to truly get to the next level of self-satisfaction — and toys are it. (Side note, this is for penises only, you will not find a butt plug or prostate massager on this list).

Penis toys for men…The list 

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady 

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady Male Masturbator



You’ve heard of Fleshlight before. It may very well be the single most successful male sex toy brand out there today — and with good reason. Fleshlight knows what they’re doing when it comes to improving masturbation.

If you’re looking to get off, the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady masturbator is one of the most reliable choices for your money. Its high-quality realistic sleeve feels like real skin. It’s discreet, easy to store, and super simple to clean.

As the top selling sex toy of all time for men, this discreet stroker is designed to feel like real sex every time. With the ability to control the suction feeling during use, its no wonder men around the world love it so much. 

So, how do you use your Fleshlight? Simply apply some water-based lubricant, and slide yourself right in. Your private time will never be the same once you upgrade from your hand to the Pink Lady. 

Hot Octopuss Jet Penis Vibrator



Not all toys are built the same or perform the same and the Hot Octopuss Jet is definitely unique in that sense. As one of the few true penis vibrators on our list, this one should be tried with anybody with a dick. 

Hot Octopuss, a luxury brand out of the UK is known for designing handsome toys that are not just form but also function. Made from pure medical grade silicone, this toy fits over your penis and provides direct stimulation thanks to the powerful vibrating bullets.

The silicone is not only super soft, it stretches as well which makes it the perfect toy no matter what the size of your penis is.

The dual egg vibrators includes 10 different speeds and settings that are designed to take you to climax as quickly as possible. The eggs can be removed as well so you can use them as a massager anywhere on your or your partner's body.

Trust us on this one, your penis will thank you! 

Tenga Flip Zero EV Vibrator Masturbator



I think by now we've all heard of and fallen in love with Tenga, but if not, you are in for a real treat. As the leading sex toy company for men out of Japan, these toys bring style and pleasure to the bedroom, no questions asked. 

The Tenga Flip Zero EV is their high-end masturbator with built-in rechargeable vibrators that tickle and stimulate your penis during use. 

Called the Flip Zero for a reason, this Tenga flips open making it extremely easy to lube up and use right away. 

The interior of the Flip Zero EV (Electronic Vibrating) is lined with tons of unique textures, ribs, and bumps, all made from their patented realistic feeling material. The material is very soft and squishy which is needed for the tight, virgin-like opening.

Thanks to the dual motors built-in, this toy is guaranteed to stimulate your penis, making it a top 10 toy.

Lynk Pleasure Rechargeable Cock Ring 

rechargeable silicone cock ring by Lynk Pleasure



No penis toy list would be complete without at least one cock ring representing. Cock rings are extremely useful and provide tons of pleasure to both the person wearing it on their penis as well as to their partners. 

The Lynk Pleasure Rechargeable Cock Ring is a powerful 1o speed vibrating ring that also works as a couples massager. Thanks to the angled vibrator, this toy provides direct stimulation to the women's clit and the man's balls.

Made from premium-grade silicone, the Lynk Pleasure ring stretches to fit all penis sizes. It's satin-smooth and soft to the touch which makes it extremely comfortable to wear during sex and masturbation.

No batteries are necessary with this bad boy thanks to the 100% rechargeable motor that charges easily and quickly thanks to the included USB charging cable. Next to the charging port you will find a single button that not only powers it on but also allows you to scroll through each of the 10 powerful vibrating speeds and settings.

This cock ring wouldn't be complete without the waterproof feature as well as the ball ticklers. On the bottom side of the ring, you will find 2 tickling beads that vibrating right on the balls making it a very enjoyable experience. 

Milk Me Silly Masturbator

PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Vibrating & Gyrating Masturbator Pussy & Ass


If you’re looking to invest in a top-of-the-line product then you can’t go wrong with this hands-free masturbator. It’s so loaded with magical features it might as well be a Picasso painting. The Milk Me Silly sex doll is the most expensive toy on our list, but for good reason.

Equipped with internal vibrators and rotating penis massagers, the Milk Me Silly Masturbator by Pipedream truly is a wet dream for even the most experienced of masturbation connoisseurs.

The greatest part of this product is the life-like ass you’ll be penetrating. The silicone skin exterior is soft and slappable if you’re feeling feisty, and the shaved pussy entrance looks and feels so real you might even forget you’re by yourself.

From the orgasmic sensations to the product’s aesthetic, this thing is the closest you’ll get to real sex experience. A bit of practice on the Milk Me Silly Masturbator and you’ll be able to last longer and play harder than you ever thought possible. 

Maia Piper Heating and Vibrating Masturbator




The Piper Rechargeable Multi-Function Warming & Vibrating Masturbator (Piper Masturbator for short), feels like heaven between your legs.

The suction function on this product feels more like a blowjob than any other product mentioned so far. Its warming capability offers you the life-like sensation of a real mouth, vagina, or ass.

The sleek design of this product is pleasing to the eye and feels great in your hand. It’s ideal for solo sessions or for partner play. 

To make our list you are going to have to have some pretty intense sensations and thanks to the build-in vibe, this toy does not miss a beat. It's extremely powerful and has so many functions you might get lost, but it's worth it.

The inner sleeve is made of soft, medical-grade silicone, and this product is completely waterproof.

It's 100% rechargeable, whisper-quiet, and a damn good time!

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable mid-range masturbator, Piper’s got you covered.

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker


 Arcwave Ion Air Pressure Stimulator


The Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker is the newest toy on our list which also makes it the most high-tech available. Unlike other penis toys, this one uses only air and air pressure to stimulate the glans (penis tip) and shaft.

You probably didn’t even know masturbators like this one existed. So be ready to have your mind blown with the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker.

This masturbator’s got a unique airflow system that titillates your penis in a fashion different from any other masturbation toy on this list.

It lets out arousing spurts of air to stimulate the most sensitive part of your penis while also offering eight distinct settings of pulsing, sucking, and throbbing. This product will satisfy you more quickly and fully than anything you’ve likely encountered before.

Each of the 8 included intensity levels sends bursts of air that are pinpoint accurate right on the pressure-sensitive areas of your penis. 

The Arcwave also comes with a discreet charging stand that also acts as a drying stand once you clean it up after use.

Its modern waterproof design makes it easy to hide in plain sight, and its charging and drying dock only adds to the modern look and feel.

Being such a new sex toy with so many features and functions, the only way to truly appreciate it is the buy it and try it. 

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 (II) Penis Vibrator 

 Fun Factory Cobra Libre Ii Male Masturbator And Penis Vibrator 

Fun Factory knows how to build sex toys that will please anybody. As a European sex toy company, the quality they produce rivals any other company out there. From beginners to experts, Fun Factory has a toy that will meet your needs. 

The Cobra Libre 2 is a penis vibrator that covers the Glans (penis tip) and provides a pulsing vibe that's built into the silicone sleeve. As with the other toys on this list, the main material used is medical-grade silicone and high-quality ABS plastic.

The design of this vibe is unique in the sense that it stays still on your penis and does all of the work for you. It is like a massager for your dick. With 11 speeds and functions to explore, the vibrations it produces will make you explode with pleasure.

The dual motors are 100% rechargeable with the patented click n' charge technology Fun Factory is known for. You can discreetly use this massager even with nosey roommates thanks to the quite motors and shape that mirrors art more than a toy.

Yes, you can use it in the shower too thanks to the fully encapsulated body, it is waterproof and ready to go. The Cobra Libre 2 is one of the more advanced on our list and will definitely not let you down. 

Vedo Hummer Auto Blow Job Machine


Speaking of oral, this next toy is the ultimate blowjob simulator. It’s so powerful it needs to be plugged into a wall!  Now, we are aware that many products claim to simulate a blow job but most fall short, very short. Not the Vedo Hummer though, close your eyes during use and you will swear you are getting head.

Equipped with sucking and stroking features and a high-quality sleeve that… wait for it… glows in the dark! You might actually need that glowing feature because this unit is designed to be used hands free. You don't want to lose it in the dark! 

The head unit plugs into the magical box that provides stroking and suction directly to your penis. Inside of the head unit you will find a soft, body-safe material that mirrors the inside of a mouth more than it does anything else.

The powerful motor provides 25 (yes, 25!) speeds and settings that are sure to meet your needs. If you cant find pleasure in one of these settings, you should seek expert help!

Included in the box is everything you need for a night of oral pleasure and then some!

All features for the Vedo Hummer Auto Blowjob Machine are operated with a remote control, allowing you to sit back in the height of luxury as you get off. 

We-Vibe Verge Bluetooth Vibrating Cock Ring 




It seems like everything these days is Bluetooth enabled so why not a cock ring as well? We-Vibe is probably the most notable brand on our list and for good reason. They put out incredibly high-end sex toys at reasonable prices. Their line up has often been compared to the Mercedez Benz of the adult industry!

The We-Vibe Verge is a multi-speed vibrating penis ring and couples massager that can be used across the room or across the world thanks to the Bluetooth functionality. Powered by an easy to use app, you can change the settings and speeds at the swipe of a finger.

Like most rings, the Verge will help prolong ejaculation and allow you to last much longer than you might normally. It also comes with a perineum massager that basically tickles and pleases your balls and taint. 

It too is made from premium grade silicone and includes powerful and quiet European motors. There are over 10 speeds and settings that will keep you rock hard and enjoying every vibrating minute of use.

Take the Verge with you anywhere you want, including the shower thanks to the waterproof design and compact shape. This has been a top-selling cock ring since it came out and until a company brings their A-game, the Verge is not going anywhere!

Pick a sex toy that speaks to you

When it’s all said and done, choosing the “best” dick toy is really as subjective as anything else. It’s all about personal preference.

All ten of these products are top-quality toys that are guaranteed to satisfy you on every level. But there are plenty more with unique features that may speak to your needs.

Browse our selection of unique and exciting male masturbation toys for something that really stands out to you before picking which toy you’d like to buy. That way, when you find it, you’ll know you’ll love it. 

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better penis toys become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

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