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Penis Pumps, The Low Down...Everything You Need to Know

August 24, 2017

Penis Pumps, The Low Down...Everything You Need to Know

Browsing for your first penis pump can be a challenge if you’re completely new to the world of pumping. Penis pumping has a very devoted fan base, but it can be difficult for a lay person to figure out where to start shopping. The first decision you’ll want to make is whether to purchase an air pump or a water pump. From there, everything gets much easier.

Air Pumps

Air pumps, sometimes also called traditional pumps, are the most common type of penis pump that you’ll find. The first pump you imagined when you read the sentence “penis  pumps” is probably an air pump. Traditional pumps create a vacuum effect on the penis by removing air from the tube while your penis is inside. At the bare minimum, air pumps consist of a cylinder, an airtight sleeve that goes over the end of the cylinder to create a seal against your pubic bone, and a device that actually pumps air

Some air pumps can be pumped via automation, but most of them tend to use a squeeze ball, hand grip, or trigger grip to allow you to control the pressure yourself. Many pumps also come with pressure gauges, which are highly recommended in order to ensure that you don’t over pump, which may result in tissue damage, and so that you have a good idea of what your maximum pumping pressure is. Pumps on the market may have analog or digital pressure gauges, so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find one that is easy enough for you to read accurately in use.  

Many traditional pumps require two hands to use, and since they can only be used in open air, you don’t have completely free range over where you pump. Air pumps also require a thick lubricant to help create a vacuum seal and ensure that the flesh of your penis doesn’t get stuck to the cylinder, so this is a recurring expense and logistical detail that you will want to consider while you’re shopping.

To remove yourself from an air pump, you will want to release the vacuum before you extract your penis. Many air pumps come with a one-click release button for this, so if that’s something you desire, keep an eye out for it when you’re reading the product descriptions!

So what’s the science behind an air pump? Creating vacuum suction by pumping air out of the cylinder while your penis is inside will increase blood flow to your erectile tissue and temporarily expands the penis . That vacuum is pulling fluid into your penis! An erection achieved by pumping may not feel like the kind of erection that you are used to– it may feel spongy, but typically a post pumped erection is thicker and harder than a usual erection. During pumping you should always be comfortable however, there will be a good amount of pressure on the penis, this is nothing to worry about.  If you start to feel pain during pumping, this is typically a sign that you have overpumped and it’s time to release some pressure.. Despite the difference in erection sensation and texture, many people find whatever they do with their vacuum-enhanced erections to be highly satisfying.

Water Pumps

Water pumps, also called hydro pumps, are penis pumps that are used in conjunction with water instead of in the open air. When you use an air pump, the vacuum will continue to cause the penis to expand even after a full erection has been achieved. With a hydro pump, the water prevents further expansion from occurring after your penis has become fully erect, at which point you can slowly release water from the cylinder to get a controlled expansion of erectile tissue. Water pumping is also spoken of very highly because the heat in warm or hot water enhances blood flow and allows better expansion of the penile tissue. Many users report that hydro pumps offer them more substantial erections because of this.

Most water pumps can be used with one hand, and are made to be used while submerged in the bath or shower. Because you’re using water in the shower, you’re less likely to require lubricant, and you also don’t have to keep an eye on a pressure gauge. Hydro pumps use rubber gaiter systems to regulate the pressure of the pump automatically. Some pumps use different gaiter systems – fixed or interchangeable, both of which can reduce risk of damaging the penis by over-pumping. When a water pump becomes uncomfortable or needs to be removed, you can press a button and it will reduce the pressure in the cylinder.

Pumping Errata
Generally, people who pump for enhanced erections are also advised to use a cock ring after pumping in order to prolong the time that their erection will last at optimal expansion. Some, but not all, pumping kits come with cock rings. Additional features that you may find while shopping for pumps include vibrations, interchangeable sleeves for the base of the cylinder, and rulers. While not every air pump comes with a pressure gauge, you may be able to purchase one separately to attach to your pump depending on the style. Your pumps can also be high-tech: Wireless and USB rechargeable penis pumps do exist, as well as pumps with automatic start/stop buttons and digital pressure gauges.

Penis pumps typically involve multiple materials. Most pumps have cylinders made of acrylic, polycarbon, or ABS plastic. The sleeve of the pump may be made of silicone, latex, TPE, TPR, or PVC, as well as the hose that connects the hand pump bulb to the cylinder. The squeezable hand bulbs for pumps are typically made of rubber or a similar material, but trigger pumps and grips tend to be made of plastic.

Which Should You Choose?

Many people in the pumping community who pump for erectile enhancement or to overcome erectile dysfunction highly recommend water pumps. Pumping enthusiasts who pump for fetish reasons, rather than solely for enhanced erections, are often better served by air pumps, which allow more precise monitoring of and control over the pressure. Hydro pumps can be pricey, so if you’re interested in erectile enhancement rather than pumping fetishism, new to pumping, and on a budget, it’s worth your while to try an affordable air pump to see if the procedure and results are desirable. You may not know what you want from pumping, and that’s okay! It is always important to note that post pumping results may vary from man to man.  The important thing is to try something new that you’re curious about and explore it until you’re satisfied.